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Metalware is a registered trademark and house brand of L.C. Industrial. LCI was founded in 1977 and has been in the business of supplying OEM building hardware to customers worldwide. The group has extensive experience in design, manufacturing and sourcing top range building related hardware for 40 years. Since 2004, the ‘Metalware’ brand has been set up to take on the challenge of bringing technology and innovation to the core business. Having experienced the Internet revolution in early 2000 and witnessed the subsequent rise of the mobile era, Metalware has since brought many innovative products to the market from personal computers, mobile devices to tech gadgets and accessories. Over the years, our team of dedicated engineers have accumulated extensive experience in manufacturing and R&D, our goal is to combine both our traditional heritage and latest technology to truly position the group in the new age economy and continue to develop products in building technology, automation, loT and cloud computing.

The world is rapidly heading towards the next technology revolution. An estimated 33 billion units of loT devices will be deployed by businesses by the year 2020 generating an estimated US$11.1 trillion of economic value worldwide. By embracing the loT revolution, Metalware will endeavor to deliver a suite of products and solutions designed to integrate smart living to everyday life. The ‘Smart Everywhere’ initiative will position Metalware as a true pioneer in the loT age and a recognised household brand.