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Home & Office Passage Doors, Serviced Apartments, Boutique Hotels, Self-storage & Warehouse

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Color Silver & Black
Suitable Door Thickness 38-55mm
Mechanical Lock Type 70mm single latch
Material Zinc Alloy
Model of Entry PIN Code, Octopus / RFID Card, App via Bluetooth & Key
Bluetooth Version 4.0 BLE
Mobile OS support Android 4.3 / iOS 7.0 or above
Emergency Key Override Yes
Master PIN Code Yes
Auto-relock 5-120sec after door closed
Power 4 x AA battery
USB Connector for emergency power supply (For MW-100N only)
Dimension Front / Back Panel:
203(H) x 80(W) x 30(D)mn
Handle: 133(L) x 26(H) x 49(W)mn
Time Management Generate time-specified e-keys for sending to guests via mobile app
Bluetooth Access Door access control via mobile app upon key authentication
Low Battery Monitoring Yes
Multiple Locks Control PC via Internet (For MW-105N only)