MOA Software Platform

Cloud based server and our open API/SDK allows you build and deploy a new product in no time.

We can skin our Apps and the UX Layer for OEM projects to allow a seamless experience to your customers.

Key Software Features

eKey Management

Send, receive and manage eKeys on your mobile App.

Access Control Management

Manage passcodes, RFID and fingerprints on locks via management console.

Wifi Gateway

Monitor, manage and access your locks through an Internet gateway.

OTA Firmware Upgrade

Keeping all locks updated with latest functions with over-the-air upgrades.

Logs & Records

Retrieve and generate reports on access data and audit trail.

Open API

Utilize our Open API to integrate into; billing management system, service/maintenance tickets etc. to manage access to specific locations. Large commercial, industrial and retail businesses can work with MW Open Access to manage access across hundreds of locations and our platform can be easily modified to your specific needs.

Building Management System (BMS)

Control multiple and shared properties with one central management console. Ideal for shared office, hotels, serviced apartments.


Main Access Control Panel

Control access to main entrance and building lobby

Keyless access via passcode, RFID card, BLE and biometrics

Support facial recognition technology

MW Open Access BMS

Key Features
True Keyless Solution

Smart Locks are operated without the need for any physical keys or 3rd-party mechanisms.

Smart Access Control Management System

Intelligent yet simple platform. Able to support property portfolio of any scale.

Tracking With Full Auditing Capabilities

All transactions are logged for accountability and traceability.

Secure & Convenient

Smart Locks’ Operation via Bluetooth ensures properties are accessed only by authorized personnel.

Mobile & Web Portal Access

Authorize and manage Smart Lock digital tokens easily via web portal or Android/iOS mobile phones

Data Analytics

In-built engines allow easy generation of daily/weekly/monthly data reports.


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