MW Open Access –
Smart Lock &
Access Control Platform

A cloud based open platform for lock manufacturers and access control system for building managers for the deployment of smart lock products and related solutions.


Physical Keys are a Thing of the Past –
Welcome to the IoT Age

The MW Open Access (MOA) platform is a wireless, cloud-based smart lock technology solution developed in 2016 and based in Hong Kong. Our company is comprised of a team of developers, technology lovers, and innovative thinkers and locking technology is our business.

Why use MW Open Access Platform?

If you are a lock manufacturer, operator and manager of multiple building properties, you can benefit by adopting the MOA platform as follows.

Grow Your Product Portfolio … Quickly

The MW Open Access solution allows you to grow your product portfolio quickly by integrating our SDK and reference hardware design to your lockset range.

Reduce R&D Costs

MW Open Access provides manufacturing partners with fast and easy integration, accelerating time-to-market. Team up with us and save up to 12 months of development time—and a lot of money.

Focus on your Core Business

Outsource non-core processes to provide superior quality. There‘s no need to develop your own app; take advantage of our existing technology and mobile app. We can provide a white-label version to suit your company image.

Access New Markets

Smartphone-based access helps you to attract lucrative industries like shared workspaces, real estate, car sharing and unattended delivery.

Complement your offering

Become part of more complex solutions scenarios with your hardware—immediately! Your customers will appreciate a holistic system vs. a hodgepodge of single solutions.

element_smart lock-01

Integration with Focal Technology

The MW Open Access also provides integration to the hardware agnostic Focal Technology allowing you to manage a wide range of 3rd party Stand-Alone and Third Party platforms. All legacy hardware can be migrated to our Cloud based management platform so you can manage legacy exterior entry doors, interior doors, garage entry, elevators, and other common door areas all on the same system. We also integrate with other 3rd party WiFi, Z-Wave, Zigbee edge devices such as Smart Locks, Thermostats, Sensors etc.


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